Press <G> to Fly

Press <G> to Fly is both a poetic metaphor and a basic operational instruction that will aid in your navigation of our virtual exhibition and performance site. In a sense our social media platforms and networked communication applications are a form of flying. We are no longer limited entirely by physical proximity as just about every domain of human activity is a simple click away. Or so it would seem. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that while we can connect, learn, shop, trade, create and even fall in love online, most of us are sorely missing physical proximity and contact. There is a disconnect within the network of hyper connectivity. In another sense, Press G to Fly looks to the future, where we unmask and leave the contracted state of fear that the pandemic engenders and enter a new era of cooperation and joy at being with the physical presence of others.

This evening’s production is the result of a three-month online collaboration between graduate and undergraduate students from across the disciplines of visual, art, music, film and media arts. Together we have utilized an array of traditional forms and emerging technological possibilities to create a virtual exhibition venue filled with sonic art, music, performative video and simulated realities. Audience members can choose to wander through our virtual 3D installation site or view a curated version of video streams on the CEMI Twitch channel. Members of the Intermedia class will simultaneously create a physical multi-screen version of the work in the Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theatre by navigating the virtual world in real-time to give a multi-dimensional view of our constructed media-scape.

– David Stout 2021

The Intermedia Performance Art Course

The Intermedia Performance Art Class, situated in the College of Music, Division of Composition Studies is an interdisciplinary workshop that utilize collaborative techniques to produce thought provoking, media rich immersive experiences. The Intermedia project is an opportunity for multiple creative centers, colleges and departments housed at both UNT and TWU to come together to create transdisciplinary works enjoyed by an adventurous supportive audience. The project steps outside the usual nature of the concert hall, film screening or exhibition venue and imagines new modalities for the presentation of live music, sound, moving image, visual art, sculpture and performance.

Production Team

Artistic Director / Producer

Co-Producer / Technical Director

MEIT House Manager

Lighting Systems Design

Streaming Manager

Associate System Technician

Video Streaming Systems Technician

Virtual Camera Navigators

David Stout

J.Andrew Smith

Rachel Lanik Whelan

Louise Fristensky

J.Andrew Smith

Chris Poovey

Zuyva Sevilla

Brooke Miller, La’ Jasha Champion, Yeonsuk Jung, Conner Simmons, Randall Day

Event Promotion

Promotion and Press Team

Program Editors

Graphic Designer

Social Media Promotions

La’ Jasha Champion / Amanda Hamilton

Rachel Lanik Whelan and David Stout

La’ Jasha Champion

J.Andrew Smith / David Stout

Event Documentation

Video Camera Person(s)

Documentation Photographer

Virtual Photographers

Stephen Lucas

J.C. Neihardt

Intermedia class members

Website Design & Publishing

Lead Designer

Web Content Creators

Language Translators

Nathan Harper

Intermedia class members

Okan Yarsarlar, Yeonsuk Jung, Marcel Castro-Lima, Rachel Lanik Whelan

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